Russian Mistress Tifany

Russian Mistress Tifany

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Russian Mistress Tiffany


Clips: Today, Tiffany is pleasuring her favorite sexual game - she is working with strap on. Her slave takes in his mouth a huge rubber dick and sucks it like a slutty bitch; this dick goes all the way in his deep throat. Then she bends the slave over in Doggie Style and hardly penetrates his ass hole. She starts to deeply slide the cock in his hole. The slave enjoys the pleasure and sweet pain at the same time. But it is not enough for Mistress, so she turns into Monkey Style and at the same time puts her foot on the slave’s head, and continues the action. Then she throws a slave on his back, grabs his balls in her hand and keeps on fucking him. The slave is jerking off his cock and cums in a few minutes. He is so grateful to his Mistress for having sweet suffering.

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