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Nataly - Updated: 14 December 2007

Pics: She crushes his face walking on it without mercy. She tramples him in her platform shoes and without, putting her toes deep into his mouth open wide. But who would mind if such a beautiful lady with lovely feet wished to use him to fulfill her brutal dreams.
Sabina - Updated: 12 December 2007

Pics: Mistress Sabina loves women. But she loves them a special way. She loves a young shy baby to sit obidiently at her feet so she can give her short strict orders teaching that innocent baby to caress her toes through stokings.
Nataly - Updated: 11 December 2007

Clips: Those smooth feet were made for kissing and noone would dare to disobey that masterful voice. Nataly looks at her beefy slave with disgust as he turns himself inside out worshipping her gorgeous feet. He can rub sore his tongue but he can't make his Mistress give him a little smile of sympathy.
Vika - Updated: 10 December 2007

Clips: Eager to get as much pleasure as possible, Vika bounds her boyfriend's hands with handcuffs behind his back. Helpless and obedient, that fleshy sportsmen guy will obey masterful Vika without a single word, unable to resist and eager to please his pretty Mistress.
Karina - Updated: 09 December 2007

Pics: A pretty dissolute baby-sitter seduces her teenage friends to play some naughty games. Karina feels herself on heaven sitting on the face of her innocent girlfriend while the guy kisses and smells her strong feet. She already can't wait for their next date as she has already got some ideas on it.
Vanda - Updated: 08 December 2007

Clips: Mistress Vanda, tough and experienced mistress, always has got in her mind a number of new tortures for the freak. That severe lade knows what to do with him and how to do it the best way, so the bastard is gonna have damn hard times today...
Nastya - Updated: 07 December 2007

Pics: Though Nastya is already in the bathroom she ain't gonna use a lavatory pan or a bidet cause her miserable freak is near. He will drink that smelly salty liquid streaming out of between his Miss' thighs and then serve her for a bidet, licking her out clean.
Irina & Ksenia - Updated: 06 December 2007

Clips: To tell the truth, pizza was not the only thing Irina a nd Ksenia were hoping to get from the pizza boy, but who could imagine the freak will spit into their pizza! Ofcourse he wasnn't looking for such a harsh execution, nevertheless, hot dom girls will make him cry giving the bastard a number of good behaviour lessons!
Terry - Updated: 05 December 2007

Pics: Miss Terry looks incredibly sexy tonight and her slave couldn't help throwing a glance full of lust on her gorgeous body. Such insolence enraged masterful lady. Terrified slave is already sorry of being so cheeky but Mistress doesn't think he can go away with it. Some slaps of her shoe on his face, crawling on the floor, eating ash and other humiliations will make him remeber how low piece of crap must behave when his beautiful lady is near.
Gerda - Updated: 04 December 2007

Clips: Ropes, cuffs and chains hanging on the walls around in Mistress Gerda's dungeon make her new slave tremble in terror, feeling terrible things going to happen. And you bet about his intuition isn't lying. Gerda is not one that hesitates to hurt or not to hurt, at least not in her dungeon. Poor mr. slave... it's gonna be a damn long night!
Elen - Updated: 03 December 2007

Pics: That's something else! Elena takes the slave's butt and fucks it with a huge dildo. That monster weapon is thicker than her hand but she doesn't give a damn. The guy has nothing to do with that big-big thing ripping his ass as his Mistress wishes to have some brutal fun today.
Stella - Updated: 02 December 2007

Pics: The slave is tied up tight to a coach and everything is ready for an execution. Mistress Stella can't stand the excietement anymore so she start lashing that elder slave without mercy listening to his faint moans. Satisfied with the punishment, cruel lady sits on his bruised back to let the freak smell that divine fragrance of her feet after the execution.
Stella - Updated: 01 December 2007

Clips: Mistress Stella enjoys torturing her slave. Now it is time for his little dick to feel the lash of his lady. Erected cock throbbs under her fierce lashes! When it looks like the slave can't stand it anymore, Miss Stella starts to tire the nuts out. If you are not sure about you?re tough enough to see it we reccomend you to skip this one.
Mariya Squirrel & Yana Sheep - Updated: 30 November 2007

Pics: This wild footdom gallery is nothing but a cruelty. These women in black will demolish their servant tonight. They start with humiliating him laughing at his limp dick and then go on lashing and trampling him without a break while the helpless freak is unable to resist being tied up to a bench. And the more furious these little witches go, the more beautiful and adorable they come.
Irina & Ksusha - Updated: 30 November 2007

Picture gallery: A tough punch into face knocks the good looking pizza boy out. He ate a piece of their pizza and thought to get away with that. That was a big mistake. Irina and Ksenia will take his clothes off, tie him up with scotch and make the freak eat ash lying at their feet as he comes concious.
Zara - Updated: 29 November 2007

Clips: She is very demanding to the guys allowed to touch her feet. This one is not very talented, so he's gonna suffer cruel punishments. Mistress Zara strengthens each quiet word with a hard strike of her whip and she won't calm dow until she makes the slave suck and lick her feet really nicely and carefully.
Zara - Updated: 28 November 2007

Pics: Capricious asian Mistress Zara owns a harem of slaves. She uses certain slave for every kind of domination and humiliation. This time Lady Zara her new slave the basics - good foot worship. Though the guy has got pretty appearance, he's not a very good student, so angry Mistress Zara introduces her faithful mr Whip to the unexperienced servant.
Stella - Updated: 27 November 2007

Clips: Cool dominative lady Stella spends the evening doing weird and cruel things to her miserable admirer. She takes him by a leash ando bounds to the coach with a thick rope. Such a promising beginning grants you an exceptiopnally cruel show with lashes, strap-on and the beautiful domination queen Stella starring.

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