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Taiss - Updated: 19 October 2007

Pics: Taiss is a hot dom blonde. She looks excieting as hell in that short latex dress and stokings. She is fond of all those dom tricks so she knows how to use her feet humiliating her servant, and whip that piece of crap for being careless before leaving him alone until the next time.
Nataly - Updated: 18 October 2007

Pics: Tired after work, lady Nataly just uses her slave for a coach as she is relaxing reading a magazine. That soft pillow with a tongue feels so good under her legs and an ashtray is always ready to swallow the ash of her cigarette. It's gonna be a nice evening.
Polina - Updated: 16 October 2007

Pics: The fat freak deserves nothing but a rope held in the precious hands of his Mistress. So sexy Polina will tie his hands behind the back and take advantage of his tongue, trample his face and tke her white stokings off just to put them deep inside his mouth.
Sasha - Updated: 15 October 2007

Pics: In this gallery you can see lady Sasha showing her skills with a punishing lash and a leash as she humiliates her slave with a mask on his face sitting on a bar chair above him. She is just gorgeous whatever she is doing: sitting on the slave's head or using lash to make him pay more attention to her priceless feet.
Nastya - Updated: 14 October 2007

Pics: Nastya has got a special slave. He is a pedicure master and a foot worship professional. So first he makes her beautiful feet look just perfectly and then gives them some pleasure with his tongue making his Mistress as happy as beautiful.
Kristy & Iren - Updated: 13 October 2007

Clips: Mistress Kristy's made her slave come to lick clean the marvelous feet of her friend Mistress Iren. The slave is moving too slowly, so he's gotta go through the punishment by lashes. Bored with looking at that piece of crap Iren takes a lash and takes place of her friend Kristy, while Kristy puts her beautiful feet deep into the mouth of her slave!
Ice - Updated: 12 October 2007

Pics: The assistant of Mistress Ice has got a long rubber glove. She needs it to cover her hand to the elbow, cause she is gonna put her hand inside the slave from behind as deep as possible. These gorgeous ladies are gonna take advantage of that butt and looks like they are really serious...
Kristy - Updated: 11 October 2007

Pics: She is holding a huge strapon in her lovely hands. Shoving it deep in the ass of her slave she is getting excieted. Done with it Mistress Kristy makes the slave take her shoes off letting him see her marvelous feet covered with black stockings. However, not giving the slave time to enjoy watching her beautiful feet, she starts shoving them into his mouth.
Nadya - Updated: 09 October 2007

Pics: Nadya was really enraged when she suddenly saw her boyfrend masturbating in front of a TV as he thought she is away. Very mad at the bastard, wanking while he has such a pretty girl aside Nadya desides he doesn't worth her. So she puts a dog's colar on him and orders him to kiss her feet - that's the only treatment he deserves.
Lusia - Updated: 08 October 2007

Pics: This slave came to Mistress Luisa right from his office after the workday to get his portion of her beauty and cruelty. Miss Luisa is an experienced punisher, she lays him down on a coach and takes the whip. The guy will get his portion of pain and insults. Even Luisa's girlfriend will join 'em fo a while to use his mouth for her pleasure.
Nataly - Updated: 07 October 2007

Clips: Coming home after a walk Nataly suddenly discovers a criminal robbing her flat while nobody is home. Fortunately, she has got a gun hidden at hall near the door and her man has left for a few days. The guy is terrified and as meek as a lamb, so Nataly doesn't know what makes her head go round more: anger or the sweet premonition of the days she is gonna spend accompanied by the bastard before her man comes back.
Nataly - Updated: 07 October 2007

Pics: Dressed in a sexy silk robe, lady Nataly enjoys sitting on the fleshy body of her slave as he lickes between her sencitive toes. She can talk to her girlfriend on a telephone for hours getting her feet licked and sucked by her faithful submissive friend.
Kristy & Alesya - Updated: 06 October 2007

Pics: These kittens always spend time with glamour. They drink champagne and discuss latest news as their well-groomed slave crowls at their feet kissing their black high boots and feeling painful strikes of a whip on his back.
Kristy & Iren - Updated: 05 October 2007

Pics: Bound and leashed, slave has nothing to do to glamorous ladies Iren and Kristy getting excieted as they whip his fleshy body and do painful bondage to his genitals.
Elen - Updated: 04 October 2007

Clips: That was a special day for Miss Elena's slave. After she has covered the freak's face and filled his mouth with her pee, beautiful lady let him lick all pee to the very last drop off her pussy and took her plastic penis to fuck his soft fat ass rough and deep. She bound him and made his fat body tremble pounding his butt like a jack hammer.
Amanda - Updated: 03 October 2007

Clips: Mistress Amanda hates to see one of her slaves forgetting who he is. For that reason she just lost control when she saw her collared servant sitting on HER sofa and reading HER magazine. Her fury makes the guy lean to the floor in terror and stand still obediently as his lady lets her rage out kicking and trampling his balls with all her might. Only after that lady Amanda will allow the unworthy slave earn his forgiveness caressing her beautiful feet.
Nastya - Updated: 02 October 2007

Pics: Brutal mature Mistress Nastya keeps her slaves in fear and silence. Looking very impressing in a latex dress, she takes one in a mask in her room, binds him on a punishing coach and punishes him with a lash and a whip before getting to her favourite CBT on his shaved balls.
Margo - Updated: 01 October 2007

Pics: Having a smoke with a slave at her feet, gothic baby Margo makes the guy take care of her feet packed in stokings sucking and licking them all over using his mouth for an ashtray time after time.

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