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Alsu - Updated: 12 November 2007

Pics: Picture gallery: This time Alsu bounds a slave to a wall for a good ??? session. Cruel beauty queen uses pegs, whip and of course a good ol' rope to make the slave know how painful women can be when a man gets into their beautiful hands.
Elena - Updated: 11 November 2007

Clips: Though the slave does his best pleasing Mistress Elena with a good feet licking aware of her vicious character, he won't avoid a punishment. Brutal Mistress can't conceal the fury, so she bends the miserable servant over, puts his pants down and whips his butt really hard while the freak counts the whips. Good spanking is definately gonna make him learn this lesson well!
Musa - Updated: 10 November 2007

Pics: She is not a woman to you fuck her but a strong lady that makes you melt in her arms to use you for her pleasure. Fleshy Mistress Musa is beyond compare wearing latex stokings and holding a whip, you can only move your tongue lying at her feet and hoping you won't dissapoint her by chance.
Gerda - Updated: 09 November 2007

Pics: Sitting on a chair with a faithful slave at her feet Gerda feels irritation looking at that miserable creature on the floor. Obeying her threatening order the slave opens his mouth to swallow the ash of her cigarette before starting to lick her feet. Long time shall pass before irritation goes away so he will have to lick all of it: her shoes, her smelly stokings and her lovely sweaty feet as well...
Gerda - Updated: 08 November 2007

Clips: This time black widow Gerda has caught a fat buzzing fly in her web. Though this male is meaty and tough, since he has got on his knees and let his new Mistress put a colar on him obeying her strict order, he is unable to quit anymore. First of all he's gotta learn now to lick feet properly and Gerda will kindly give him that lesson thoroughly.
Kristy & Alesya - Updated: 06 November 2007

Clips: This is the sequel of the movie about two Mistresses, Kristina and Alisa, dominating over their slaves. Blond Mistress Kristina steps forward *** the slaves to the spiteful ferocious foot fetish slapping their faces and abusing 'em. It is though just a beginning. The Mistresses are willing to relax, so they shared a bottle of champaigne and nothing in the whole world can stop 'em now?
Nataly - Updated: 05 November 2007

Pics: As usually, Nataly just lies on a sofa, so beautiful, calm and powerful, while her slave is working with his tongue at her feet eagerly. He knows the severe character of his Mistress: he will suffer a punishment right away if he does a thing wrong, so the slave will do his best today licking and kissing her feet, just as usually.
Olga & Gulna - Updated: 04 November 2007

Pics: That's a real domination orgy. Two pretty young dom ladies joined their powers to go further humiliating their slaves. Guys are working with their tongues fastly and carefully. Pulled by their leashes the slaves finally sit on the sofa to suck heels of their mistresses' shoes and get brutally trampled.
Kristy - Updated: 03 November 2007

Clips: Blond Mistress Kristy isn't in a good mood today. First of all she puts her dirty feet into the mouth of her slave, and strikes him with first thing she finds at her elbow. She kicks the maggot and spits on him and making him lick marvelous feet of Mistress Kristy!
Vika - Updated: 02 November 2007

Pics: When brunette Vika has already got bored waiting for her man to come back from work he appeared at the doorway. At the next moment he was already sitting at her feet doing pedicure to her toes. Pleased with him being so nice, Vika takes her punishing lash and tramples him, excieted and beautiful.
Olga - Updated: 01 November 2007

Pics: What can be more excietingthan a couple of long nice legs in a short skirt and stokings ending with a couple of such lovely feet. Olga knows that she is just perfect, so she worth worship and if a man wants to be with her he's gotta be at her feet. So she just gets her regular portion of foot worship lying on her bed.
Anna Gold & Arina - Updated: 31 October 2007

Pics: Using an unworhty employee for a carpet under her feet is not new for Anna. But this time she calls for her friend mistress Arina to join the party of tortures and humiliations. The ladies are gonna have hell of a fun trampling the freak in Anna's office, making him feel some pain.
Anna Gold & Arina - Updated: 30 October 2007

Clips: Thrown down on the office floor, the dumb department manger has nothing to do with his boss Anna and her friend mistress Arina walking on his soft fat body, bruising it with their shoes, standing on his face and even jumping down on him from a sofa. Being their floor rug is the only position he deserves.
Emma - Updated: 29 October 2007

Pics: The husband was fast and careful bringing lady Emma a glass of juice, but that was not what she wanted. Feeling anger and excietement, she grabs his hair and ***s him to kiss her feet. Gradualy, the temperature grows as she makes her man go higher, finally, rubbing her clit on his mouth sitting on his face.
Tat'yana - Updated: 28 October 2007

Pics: He brought some yoghurt to feed his precious Mistress but for some reason she wished to feed him for being so attentive instead. First some youghurt by himself from a plate standing an all fours and then generous Mistress will even put her foot in it and feed the servant sticking her toes into his mouth.
Kristy - Updated: 27 October 2007

Clips: Mistress spits on the slave's face, putting her beautiful feet deep in his mouth; the slave is trying his best licking Mistress Kristy?s marvelous feet thoroughly. However, Mistress is quite excited today and she wants something harder. So the slave gets a lucky chance to please his Mistress eating her lovely pussy and sucking her heavenly ass.
Angella - Updated: 26 October 2007

Pics: Number of pictures showing the private life of Mistress Angella and her slave. Full of disdain to the unworthy guy, fair haired Mistress teaches him good manners doing brutal humiliation to him wherever she wants. If she's got high heels on, the bastard will feel them on his body and if her feet are dirty after walk, no doubt about he'll lick them clean right away.
Dasha - Updated: 25 October 2007

Pics: Though Dasha is holding a whip in her hand, she is not gonna use it today as the slave is doing his job well. Gorgeous blonde lady is just enjoyning making that obedient male lick her shoes, riding him and sitting on his face.

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