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Valery - Updated: 26 November 2007

Clips: Here you can see an experienced russian Mistress Valery giving a masterclass in english. She has brought her slave in front of camera to pee on him and show you how she makes guys feel like shit. Completely crushed, the freak licks her "champagne" from the floor as his pretty Mistress is commenting his actions to the camera. That's definately damn hot!
Alice & Tanya - Updated: 25 November 2007

Pics: This couple of dom babes has gone crazy. The y are exceptionally mad at the slave, no matter what and how she does. They will make the freak crawl and beg for mercy at their feet while the cruel young ladies are lashing and beating him like a god damn bitch.
Alice & Tat'yana - Updated: 24 November 2007

Clips: These horny ladies won't let their sissy slave go home alive! Watch this miserable creature getting kicks and punches from two beautiful and cruel ladies.They never get tired of jumping on his chest, lashing him and trample his cock!
Zoya - Updated: 20 November 2007

Clips: A punishing lash in her hand and cold glance of her beautiful eyes leave no doubts about her cruel intentions. Knowing severe character of Mistress Zoya her slavish boyfriend will be very submissive and quiet as he is caressing her shoes and smelling that divine fragrance kissing her feet in stockings very carefully.
Marina - Updated: 20 November 2007

Pics: The slave unties her shoes with his teeth making lady Marina shiver foretasting the pleasure she is gonna get. Playfull mistress rolls on the bed in excietement feeling a hot wet tongue exploring every inch of her soles, and soft lips sucking her little toes.
Alsu - Updated: 19 November 2007

Clips: The slave has to strain every nerve to keep quiet being afraid of a harder punishment as Mistress Alsu does CBT to him. After whiping the slave's genitals, she does it slowly and thoroughly enjoying every second of torturing that helpless miserable creature.
Nataly - Updated: 18 November 2007

Pics: Bath is not a pleasure for lady Nataly if she doesn't get her feet caressed. The slave comes into the bathroom. First, he gives some care to the feet with his mouth while his Mistress is sitting dressed in a bathrobe. Then she drawns her body in foam and hot water and gives her feet to the slave, one and then another, to wash, kiss and take care of them very carefully.
Alice - Updated: 17 November 2007

Pics: This baby looks just stunning doing nasty things to that slim black boy at her feet. Rich and spoilt Alice is damn fond of exotic so she couldn?t miss a chance to get a black skinned servant of her own. Completely happy, she uses the chocolate boy to fulfil her cruel and dissolute wishes and imagines herself being a severe old time slave-owner lady.
Nastya - Updated: 17 November 2007

Pics: Bathroom is a perfect place for foot worship. At least the slave of Mistress Nastya won't catch cold lying on the heated floor as her feet go down into his mouth open wide.
Elena - Updated: 15 November 2007

Clips: Mistress Elena gets some high quality foot worship. Leashed guy seems to do his best licking her stunning feet like a dog standing on all four. She is a unique mature dominating women, masterful and skilled with her punishing lashes. See her cool style and become one of her faithful admirers.
Kristy - Updated: 14 November 2007

Clips: Leashing the slave didn't satisy Miss Kristy. Feeling lust for further humiliation she pulled him down from the carpet and let her pee out on his face. But even that wasn't enough for the lady, so she put a strapon on and fucked his mouth deep and rough.
Kristy & Iren - Updated: 13 November 2007

Pics: The slave opens his mouth towards Mistress Kristy's precious cunt ready to swallow the whole load of her pee while Miss Iren takes his breath with her shoe trampling his genitals. Who knows how far these beautiful ladies can go revealing their hidden wishes.
Alsu - Updated: 12 November 2007

Pics: Picture gallery: This time Alsu bounds a slave to a wall for a good ??? session. Cruel beauty queen uses pegs, whip and of course a good ol' rope to make the slave know how painful women can be when a man gets into their beautiful hands.
Elena - Updated: 11 November 2007

Clips: Though the slave does his best pleasing Mistress Elena with a good feet licking aware of her vicious character, he won't avoid a punishment. Brutal Mistress can't conceal the fury, so she bends the miserable servant over, puts his pants down and whips his butt really hard while the freak counts the whips. Good spanking is definately gonna make him learn this lesson well!
Musa - Updated: 10 November 2007

Pics: She is not a woman to you fuck her but a strong lady that makes you melt in her arms to use you for her pleasure. Fleshy Mistress Musa is beyond compare wearing latex stokings and holding a whip, you can only move your tongue lying at her feet and hoping you won't dissapoint her by chance.
Gerda - Updated: 09 November 2007

Pics: Sitting on a chair with a faithful slave at her feet Gerda feels irritation looking at that miserable creature on the floor. Obeying her threatening order the slave opens his mouth to swallow the ash of her cigarette before starting to lick her feet. Long time shall pass before irritation goes away so he will have to lick all of it: her shoes, her smelly stokings and her lovely sweaty feet as well...
Gerda - Updated: 08 November 2007

Clips: This time black widow Gerda has caught a fat buzzing fly in her web. Though this male is meaty and tough, since he has got on his knees and let his new Mistress put a colar on him obeying her strict order, he is unable to quit anymore. First of all he's gotta learn now to lick feet properly and Gerda will kindly give him that lesson thoroughly.
Kristy & Alesya - Updated: 06 November 2007

Clips: This is the sequel of the movie about two Mistresses, Kristina and Alisa, dominating over their slaves. Blond Mistress Kristina steps forward *** the slaves to the spiteful ferocious foot fetish slapping their faces and abusing 'em. It is though just a beginning. The Mistresses are willing to relax, so they shared a bottle of champaigne and nothing in the whole world can stop 'em now?

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