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Anna Gold - Updated: 18 September 2007

Pics: Incredibly beautiful and cruel, Anya tramples an employee on the floor of her office with pleasure. She walks on the guy as if he's just a piece of crap under her divine feet. No doubt about this lady will gain success in buisiness!
Anna Gold - Updated: 17 September 2007

Clips: And again Anna is having fun with the naughty clerk in her office. She layed him down on the floor at a cabinet to hold on to it as she tramples that fat soft body of her slave. She starts walking on him with her high-heeled sandals gradually getting to his naked breast and genitals and finishes trampling him barefoot with her beautiful divine soles.
Vika - Updated: 16 September 2007

Pics: Looks like every man in the whole world would be glad to take care of Miss Vika's feet. Just see that gorgeous goddes trampling her servant with that brilliant smile on her face. Whatever she does, she is equally beautiful riding nim jumping on his back and putting her feet into his mouth.
Luda - Updated: 15 September 2007

Pics: To keep her feet well-groomed Luda has taught her slave to do pedicure. So before kiissing those toes with admire now the slave polishes her cute nails while his Mistress is reading a magazine on her bed.
Darya - Updated: 14 September 2007

Clips: Her white hair do a perfect match with her black leather mistress outfit. She is just irresistable when she takes a leash in her smooth hands and gives an order with a quiet voice that makes her slaves shiver. She really loves her slave and they pay her back, longing for her painful tortures more than for pleasure of any kind.
Darya - Updated: 13 September 2007

Pics: Let out from his wardrobe resort, her slave is gonna pay a high price for the attention his Mistress generously pays to him. Darya is in a good mood tonight, so her full lips stretch in a playful smile as the sexy blonde trains her servant using his tongue for her own purposes and trampling his flesh with her steel high heels.
Elena - Updated: 12 September 2007

Pics: Elena puts a colar on her slave and takes a punishing lash willing to have some good time. The freak will get it all, from riding him to rubbing her pussy with his face before severe beautiful lady lies on the bed, satisfied and wasted using him for a feet-coach.
Vika - Updated: 11 September 2007

Clips: Vika admits her man only to her wonderful feet. Overwhelmed with lust and worship he has got to let it out only on that couple of cute heavenly feet. But that's more than enough for the admirer of such a perfect lady.
Nadya & Yana - Updated: 10 September 2007

Pics: A hentai style domination gallery with two young and fresh beautiful babes. Nadya has cheated school girl Yana and brought her to her house. Locked in the house, having no way out Yana has to obey Nadya's humiliating orders as well as her punishing lash.
Karina - Updated: 09 September 2007

Pics: Karina takes an advantage of her young boy and girl friends involving him in domination. She puts a colar on the boy and gets the girl almost naked to make them feel their roles. For their own surprise, soon young people discover theirselves fond of these strange games addicted to the feet of this masterful lady and obedient to her will.
Anna and female slave - Updated: 08 September 2007

Pics: When this girl fell in love with Anna she didn't know who this long legged lady is in fact. But she didn't resist and took it patiently when Anna brought her to the tortures-room and put that beautiful curly blue eyes girl in chains to show her what it's all about.
Elen - Updated: 07 September 2007

Clips: An outstanding incredibly excieting video. Feeling horny this evening Elen goes down to a cellar and brings her fat slave in a leather mask to use him for her sexual purposes. After feeding him with her breasts and getting a soft feet foreplay beautiful Mistress goes crazy fucking his mouth with her pussy and after all enjoys the freak licking her dirty asshole clean with very tip of his tongue.
Elen - Updated: 06 September 2007

Pics: Slave licks well-moulded feet in black shoes on platform eagerly. Looks like she loves their salty taste, especially those places between toes. She covers these cute feet with his saliva working with his tongue. Or maybe the lash held by his beautiful blonde Mistress doesn't let him relax?
Stella - Updated: 05 September 2007

Pics: A classy splendid domination gallery with a masterful goddes in stokings and latex humiliating her freak in a mask using some special tools. She is so high and so perfect, you're gonna appreciate her strength at the first sight.
Amanda - Updated: 04 September 2007

Pics: A high bar-chair is better that anything else for giving feet to a slave to lick them clean as it gives an oportunity to get to every inch of toes and soles. Satisfied with the bastard working with his tongue, Miss Amanda puts her shoes on and tramples him. Nothing personall, she does it just for fun, for her own pleasure, as always!
Zoya - Updated: 03 September 2007

Pics: Zoya is a severe school teacher who likes to give impressing lessons to naughty student-boys. This guy is far not a student already but he's gotta be tought that seducing women is not a very good deed. So she takes a pointer and points him on his place at her wonderful feet. She starts with making the cheeky bastard lick her shoes going to get the whole load of pleasure for her feet tonight.
Elena - Updated: 02 September 2007

Clips: The queen of foot domination, lady Elena gets another perfect full length foot worship session. She knows what she wants and she knows how to make men do that, so she is watching the guy at her feet very attentively getting advantage of his tongue, just like she did thousands times before.
Valery - Updated: 01 September 2007

Pics: Having her slave brought to her playroom full of weird and tough torture supplies, Valery takes her place in an armchair, points the freak on the floor at her feet and just makes him serve her cute feet. First in high heel shoes, then in stokings and then without.

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