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Nataly - Updated: 25 July 2007

Clips: This cruel woman will take advantage of your tongue on her feet any time of day and night. With her pleasure, Mistress Natalylooks at the piece of human crap at her feet, making him almost inside out with quiet strict orders as he covers her toes and soles with his saliva, feeling taste of sweat on her smooth legs.
Monroe - Updated: 24 July 2007

Pics: Ever seen Marilyn Monroe dominating a college geek? Guess no. Come and see hot as hell Monroe who looks like a full colour copy of beautiful Marylin, showing her sexy legs in fishnetstokings and making a submissive guy lick and suck 'em all over.
Karina - Updated: 23 July 2007

Pics: Bored with cooking up a dinner and feeling hot and moisty between her legs naughty maid notices the master's son - pretty young guy hanging around. Interested in the fresh feelings the guy could bring her, she makes him suck her toes, pleases her pussy with his face and finally sits on his head in ecstasy.
Anna Gold - Updated: 22 July 2007

Pics: Sexual harassment? Forget about it! It?s gonna be a cool domination session by business woman Anya. That?s what beautiful female bosses do to unworthy employees. She will wipe her divine feet on that miserable creature?s face while reading his terrible reports. Damn, he?s gotta work with his tongue really hard to put that fury in her eyes out.
Anna Gold - Updated: 21 July 2007

Clips: Anna is very mad at that sales manager bringing terrible sales reports second month on end. Well, if he can't work with his head in his own office he should work with his tongue in her office. Can't make profits? Then your beautiful boss will satisfy herself treating you as a piece of crap. Looser!
Polina & Terry - Updated: 20 July 2007

Pics: Polina and Terry have caught a hotel bellboy in their smooth powerful hands. Crushed by their strong personality, the lud obeys these masterful ladies as they trample him on the bed. Done with that, Terry takes the boy to the bathroom and locks the door to wash her feet and make him worship them for a while more.
Nataly - Updated: 19 July 2007

Pics: Obedience and humiliation. Beautiful Nataly is very severe to her slave. He waits for her to come sitting in a corner put in irons. Finally, his lady pays him some attention just to let him kiss her shoe and her foot for one time, take her whip, gag him and ride him as a pony for a while.
Sabina - Updated: 18 July 2007

Pics: Young mistress Sabina is pretty inventive using ropes and belts in her executions of slaves. She loves to blindfold a guy or even tie him with a rope making him completely helpless and then enjoy trampling his genitals and wiping her feet on his face.
Elen - Updated: 17 July 2007

Clips: She is a girl who's got balls. Feeling nothing but disdain to her weak slave Elena fucks his slim butt with pleasure. After widening the hole with a big dildo she takes a huge one at puts it in as deep as it goes making freak suffer.
Elen - Updated: 16 July 2007

Clips: Mistress Elena is up to roleplaying. Today she pretends to be a nazi oficer fucking that pretty male whore dressed in a wig and stokings in an interrogation room. Done with blowjob, the slut is gonna cry out faintly getting that rock-hard officer cock of all the way in his tight tender ass!
Nadya & Juliya - Updated: 15 July 2007

Pics: Nadya has brought her college friend Juliya to have fun together with her slave. The slave meets them at the door, takes their shoes off and follows his Mistress on a leash to the living room to please her girlfriend. Sweet young ladies take place on a sofa and enjoy talking and looking through magazines as the freak is crawling at their feet working with his tongue.
Margo - Updated: 14 July 2007

Clips: Gothic mistress Margo generously waters her slave having his head placed into a special pee-box under her heavenly butt. She does it right in her living room, so the slave is not allowed to let a single drop spill out of his mouth.
Margo - Updated: 13 July 2007

Clips: Margo won't stop doing her cruel job until her slave has learned the very depths of humiliation, so the severe fragile brunette lady not only makes him lick her feet, he also licks her soles thoroughly and swallows her toes into his throat getting ready to lick her sweet pussy clean after drinking all of her lovely pee.
Gulna - Updated: 12 July 2007

Pics: Masterful asian businesswoman Gulna doesn't mind to humiliate her employees time after time both for her pleasure and for improving the work discipline. Whenever she is upset with her employees or just feeling playful, like this time, she points on her feet and enjoys good foot worship.
Darya - Updated: 11 July 2007

Clips: She's got feet to die for. Or at least to kiss and lick them with endless worship and tenderness. This POV gives everyone a chance to take place at the feet of divine mistress Darya and feel his tongue sneaking between her toes around that golden toe ring.
Nastya - Updated: 10 July 2007

Pics: Nastya is god damn tough. She pulls the leash roughly making her shoe go into the slave's mouth against his will. She doesn't give a heck about his moans as this baby knows what she wants for herself. So she shoves her toes into his mouth again and again and her strict look tells the slave that she's more than just serious.
Zina - Updated: 09 July 2007

Pics: A good tongue to feet massage is what Zina needs every day coming after work. She falls on the sofa knowing she has nothing to worry about. At the next moment her guy is already there cleaning her high-heel shoes before taking them off. After getting the first step relaxation, Zina takes her stokings off and makes the guy caress her tired smelly feet.
Polina & Amanda - Updated: 07 July 2007

Clips: Mistress Amanda is willing to show her friend Mistress Polina a new toy - her new slave! Both Mistresses start teaching him eagerly the ways he should kiss and lick their feet. There lash and slap him, humiliate and trample the bastard during the process of his education to make him learn the lesson fast and well.

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