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Irina - Updated: 25 August 2007

Pics: The Little Red Riding Hood has grown up and took a punishing lash into her cute arm. Every next time Irina improves her dominating skills mastering new wicked ways of humiliating. Her lovely boobs and sensual red mouth tower above the slave dying of admire as Irina does her beloved heel trampling. Finally, the slave almost goes unconcious while she penetrates his ass with a pink dildo and then bondages his genitals tight with a rough thick rope.
Nora - Updated: 24 August 2007

Pics: Single move of her fingers is enough for Nora's boyfriend to rush with a glass of wine in his hand to her beautiful feet eager to serve her. Happy and obedient he is completely patient to his sexy girlfriend tramplig him and using for a pony blindfolding with a silk belt of her robe.
Valery - Updated: 23 August 2007

Pics: Fucking a slutty slave has always been Valery's favourite. She loves to make the whore sniff her ass before deepthroating him with her strapon. After giving head the slave is gonna have to give his ass to the lady doggy style and get ready to kiss her feet in gratitude for a good fuck.
Nataly - Updated: 22 August 2007

Pics: Stunning beauty in a red dress, Miss Nataly whips her slave and tramples him with her shoes preparing him for a nice long foot worship. No doubt about now the slave will work good realising himself being a miserable dog at her divine feet.
Anya & Juliya - Updated: 20 August 2007

Clips: Dominative girlfriends are dealing with a lazy submissive guy this time. So they had to put him on a leash and take a whip, so one of them can control his moves and stimulate him while another is getting her portion of feet worship lying on a sofa.
Natasha - Updated: 20 August 2007

Pics: Lady Natasha is very concerned about her cute toes. She treats 'em with care and loves her slave to caress them with his hot wet tongue and soft lips. Nevertheless sometimes that careless bastard makes her nervous being too slow or scratching her perfect feet with his teeth. So the beautiful lady always keeps a lash in her hand, and time after time she tramples the guy to keep him attentive to her feet.
Stella - Updated: 19 August 2007

Pics: Tied to a cross, that helpless slave is completely in power of Mistress Stella. An electro vibrator hurting his nipples, slaps on face, abuses, lashes and plummets on nuggets - who wouldn't go through all these torments for the pleasure of feeling your hot hard dick squeezed in warm, tender hands of the Mistress! An impressing frantic cocktail of pain and pleasure.
Vika - Updated: 18 August 2007

Pics: A fleshy sportsman comes from a gym to his girlfriend after training. Being crazy about that beautiful girl he lets her to put a leather colar on him and tie his arms behind back. Obedient and patient, the guy kisses his girlfriend's feet carefully as she is trampling him with pleasure.
Elen - Updated: 17 August 2007

Pics: Beautiful and cruel Elen has got the style. Dressed in latex she terrifies her slaves lashing 'em without mercy. She knows that a good punishment is definitely necessary to grant her feet good treatment afterwards.
Anna Gold & Arina - Updated: 16 August 2007

Pics: This Monday Anya told the unworthy manager to stay in office after work as she has invited her friend Arina to come this evening wishing to boast of her new slave. Arina has got a taste for humiliating fat pigs like this one so the girlfriends get the freak on his knees and feel free using his tongue for their naughty purposes. Beware! Looks like these girls are damn fond of that stuff. Who?s gonna be the next victim of their lust?
Anna Gold & Arina - Updated: 15 August 2007

Clips: Anna involves her friend Arina into cruel games with that nasty manager, wishing to crush him completely. Girls get excieted humiliating the punk and invent plenty of new tortures for him. Carried away, masterful ladies throw the nasty employee on the floor, make him suck their feet, trample his face having no mercy, spit on his face and after all ordered the bastard to eat their saliva from the floor.
Vanda - Updated: 14 August 2007

Pics: She is hell of a Mistress, loving pain and moans more then anything, Vanda ties a freak in a mask up to wall with a thick rope putting a painful bondage on his genitals. Excieted and beautiful, she starts the torment. Her whip lives red bruizes on the slave's ass, then she hurts his sencitive private parts with an electro shock and then with her whip again, and then... it's never gonna end!
Vanda - Updated: 13 August 2007

Pics: This time lady Vanda uses her bedroom for torturing her slave. Dressed in sexy underwear, She lashes that red ass burned with hot wax with a cruel smile on her face. Still not satisfied, she hangs the guy by the hands and bondages all of him, especially his balls and penis listening with pleasure to his weak moans of pain.
Terry - Updated: 12 August 2007

Pics: You can see a happy smile on the face of that pretty housewife as her strong husband is kissing her cute feet in high platform sandals. Since they tried it for the first time sime time ago this couple can spend hours this way instead of wayching TV. And no doubt about the guy has got pretty skillful in caressing pretty feet.
Mariya - Updated: 11 August 2007

Pics: Short dress, high heels and pretty face. Willing to make her fat slave unable to spoil the pleasure of trampling him, blonde Maria ties the freak with a rope. Nothing can stand on her way now, so she will wipe her feet on his face and use his tongue to clean her lovely toes just the way she likes it.
Valeriya - Updated: 10 August 2007

Pics: Mmm... that leashed doggy gave head to his Mistress so well, he is nothing but a dirty whore. Completing the resemblence, Valeriya dresses him in sexy undies and a wig, moves panties aside and fucks that low bitch hard penetrating his ass with her strapon.
Margo - Updated: 09 August 2007

Clips: This time lady Margo is more cruel and lovely then ever. Accompanied by her assistant Mistress Margo humiliates her slave with lust and desire. After a good whipping, he is gonna suffer plenty of new tortures and eat his breakfast from the floor, but, still unhappy with him, the masterful young lady will take miserable creature to the bath for some watersports.
Emma - Updated: 08 August 2007

Pics: Some business women have special ways of dealing with their business partners. Emma puts a collar on the bastard right at his office, sits on the desk over his papers and gets some foot worship. He's gonna have to work with his tongue as well as he can if he wants to deal with this beautiful women further.

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