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Tanya - Updated: 30 September 2007

Pics: Beautiful as always, dressed in tight leather mistress outfit Tanya really worth admiring. She doesn't rush in enjoying her power as she tortures her slave and gets his worship. After a short but painful trample torture Tanya will get a full time foot worship and of course have a cigarette when done with it.
Tanya - Updated: 29 September 2007

Clips: Severe and hot at the same time Tanya is special like fire mixed with ice. She heats the slave with her passion and freezes him with strict orders. So the slave obeys her like a well tuned machine standing all the cruel tortures she has got in mind and worshiping her divine feet with all his might again and again.
Stella - Updated: 28 September 2007

Pics: Well known Mistress lady Stella definitely has got a taste for humilation. Skilled in using a leash and a punishing lash she makes her well-built slave kiss her high heels and tramples him. After all lady places her precious big hard butt on his back and rides the pony for a while.
Valery - Updated: 27 September 2007

Pics: Lady Valery in black leather uniform dresses her slave up in leather bra and panties in her tortures room. Dresses that slut in stokings and a mask. Then she takes a strapon and fucks the whore's mouth with it. Watching such a miserable creep giving her head standing on his knees brings her into excietement.
Vanda - Updated: 26 September 2007

Clips: Mistress Vanda is well known for skillful domination involving wicked tools and supplies and painful punishments. She dresses her slaves in collars and masks and controls each move of the crature serving her. She never hesitates when she's gotta use her whip or a lash. But most of all she likes those strapon things, since a guy has got into her strong hands, his bitchy ass will never be the same again!
Valery - Updated: 26 September 2007

Pics: A gynaecological chair, an enema, syringes - naughty pervert nurse Valery has so many supplies she can use on her slutty slave! Dissolute dr. Valery will explore his holes, fill them with water and widen 'em to her sincere pleasure.
Elena - Updated: 24 September 2007

Pics: Blonde, beautiful and self assured lady Elena looks at the guy at her feet contemptuously. She lets the slave worship her feet lashing him for any cause instead of words. Gradualy, the Mistress makes him take her stokings off and uses his face and tongue to clean her soles well.
Elena - Updated: 23 September 2007

Pics: Caged in her torture dungeon, young slave of Mistress Karina feels terrified and completely crushed. Finally his lady comes to him but who knows what she is up to today? Stunning lady looks into his face, and takes him out of the cage to start with a foot licking foreplay. A whip punishment, trampling and who knows what else is gonna happen than; the torture instruments are lying aside yet...
Karina - Updated: 22 September 2007

Pics: This young guy is very lucky to be a patient of such a sexy dominative nurse. Young lady takes her reward for taking care of his health *** the guy to sniff and kiss her feet in stockings, teasing him on the bed and pressing his face tight to her wet pussy in white panties.
Ice - Updated: 21 September 2007

Clips: A splendid couple of cruel and beautiful blonde ladies is taunting a leashed freak in a dark dungeon cellar. They laugh at the slave while he carries out their strct ordes. They whip him and penetrate his anus with a whip handle making him look like a real pony. Still not satisfied after all those humiliations, the beautiful ladies bound him to a coach and make the miserable creature feel the pain covering his body with drops of hot wax.
Margo - Updated: 20 September 2007

Pics: Suddenly Mistress Margo recalls about the slave being left yesterday in her wardrobe after he made her very upset with his terrible behavoir. She decides that the bastard will be fogiven but he's gotta suffer a punishment first. Margo takes him out of the wardrobe and stretches the guy with chains going to make him feel the pain.
Margo and assistant - Updated: 19 September 2007

Pics: Stylish and cruel humiliation gallery shot in a dim dungeon. Two latex Mistresses whip ass of their slave and then feed him wiping the fruits smashed on the floor with his unworthy face. After all the freak licks rest of the fruit mess off their latex boots.
Anna Gold - Updated: 18 September 2007

Pics: Incredibly beautiful and cruel, Anya tramples an employee on the floor of her office with pleasure. She walks on the guy as if he's just a piece of crap under her divine feet. No doubt about this lady will gain success in buisiness!
Anna Gold - Updated: 17 September 2007

Clips: And again Anna is having fun with the naughty clerk in her office. She layed him down on the floor at a cabinet to hold on to it as she tramples that fat soft body of her slave. She starts walking on him with her high-heeled sandals gradually getting to his naked breast and genitals and finishes trampling him barefoot with her beautiful divine soles.
Vika - Updated: 16 September 2007

Pics: Looks like every man in the whole world would be glad to take care of Miss Vika's feet. Just see that gorgeous goddes trampling her servant with that brilliant smile on her face. Whatever she does, she is equally beautiful riding nim jumping on his back and putting her feet into his mouth.
Luda - Updated: 15 September 2007

Pics: To keep her feet well-groomed Luda has taught her slave to do pedicure. So before kiissing those toes with admire now the slave polishes her cute nails while his Mistress is reading a magazine on her bed.
Darya - Updated: 14 September 2007

Clips: Her white hair do a perfect match with her black leather mistress outfit. She is just irresistable when she takes a leash in her smooth hands and gives an order with a quiet voice that makes her slaves shiver. She really loves her slave and they pay her back, longing for her painful tortures more than for pleasure of any kind.
Darya - Updated: 13 September 2007

Pics: Let out from his wardrobe resort, her slave is gonna pay a high price for the attention his Mistress generously pays to him. Darya is in a good mood tonight, so her full lips stretch in a playful smile as the sexy blonde trains her servant using his tongue for her own purposes and trampling his flesh with her steel high heels.

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