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Vanda - Updated: 13 August 2007

Pics: This time lady Vanda uses her bedroom for torturing her slave. Dressed in sexy underwear, She lashes that red ass burned with hot wax with a cruel smile on her face. Still not satisfied, she hangs the guy by the hands and bondages all of him, especially his balls and penis listening with pleasure to his weak moans of pain.
Terry - Updated: 12 August 2007

Pics: You can see a happy smile on the face of that pretty housewife as her strong husband is kissing her cute feet in high platform sandals. Since they tried it for the first time sime time ago this couple can spend hours this way instead of wayching TV. And no doubt about the guy has got pretty skillful in caressing pretty feet.
Mariya - Updated: 11 August 2007

Pics: Short dress, high heels and pretty face. Willing to make her fat slave unable to spoil the pleasure of trampling him, blonde Maria ties the freak with a rope. Nothing can stand on her way now, so she will wipe her feet on his face and use his tongue to clean her lovely toes just the way she likes it.
Valeriya - Updated: 10 August 2007

Pics: Mmm... that leashed doggy gave head to his Mistress so well, he is nothing but a dirty whore. Completing the resemblence, Valeriya dresses him in sexy undies and a wig, moves panties aside and fucks that low bitch hard penetrating his ass with her strapon.
Margo - Updated: 09 August 2007

Clips: This time lady Margo is more cruel and lovely then ever. Accompanied by her assistant Mistress Margo humiliates her slave with lust and desire. After a good whipping, he is gonna suffer plenty of new tortures and eat his breakfast from the floor, but, still unhappy with him, the masterful young lady will take miserable creature to the bath for some watersports.
Emma - Updated: 08 August 2007

Pics: Some business women have special ways of dealing with their business partners. Emma puts a collar on the bastard right at his office, sits on the desk over his papers and gets some foot worship. He's gonna have to work with his tongue as well as he can if he wants to deal with this beautiful women further.
Mariya - Updated: 07 August 2007

Pics: That report is far not what Mariya expected to see. She doesn't want to be patient and keep her anger inside so that dumb employee should pay for that right here in her office. She slap's his face and teaches the clerk a few foot worship lessons while his coleagues wonder why he is staying in her office for so long and what do the sounds coming from behind the door mean.
Nataly - Updated: 06 August 2007

Pics: Pretty and tough Nataly in a nice red dress tramples a soft bodied guy lying flat naked on the floor. After bruising his stomach with her high heeled shoes she takes 'em off and makes the slave suffer standing with both feet on his face. Her cute toes polished red go deep into his face under her weight.
Stella - Updated: 05 August 2007

Pics: Lashes n'whips! Glamorous lashing gallery. Beautiful spanking goddess, Stella is hell of a turn on in that black latex outfit. She spanks and lashes her slave again and again and her brilliant smile gives out how much this wonderful lady likes to torment her servants.
Nataly - Updated: 04 August 2007

Clips: That could have happened to anyone but happened to that unlucky fleshy guy. He was going to have a good time with pretty Nataly... Now he's gonna learn to be submissive and attentive pleasing his Mistress.
Nataly & Terry - Updated: 03 August 2007

Pics: That boy was very wrong when he thought these pretty ladies are inviting him to their flat for a good threesome. Nataly took out her gun and everything came clear for him. Terrified and obedient he is lying on the floor under furious strikes of Terry's whip ready to lick their feet or anything else they want. Huh, and you really thought you could fuck these two, boy?
Valery - Updated: 02 August 2007

Pics: Stretched by the hands between two chains the slave can feel Valery's foot rubbing his dick and it gives him pleasure worth any torture suffered. But that is just the beginning? Bored with humiliating the freak and playing with his cock, Valery takes a strapon and gives the bastard a good fuck.
Valeriya - Updated: 01 August 2007

Pics: Valeriya feels exceptionally cruel tonight, so she takes two leashed creeps at once and brings them to the torture room wishing to feed the lust burning her from inside. Looking terrifying in her leather outfit Valeriya throws the slaves on the floor and makes them suffer hell of indignity.
Irina & Ksusha - Updated: 31 July 2007

Pics: They have leashed him and thrown on the floor at the sofa for a long painful trample. Of course they will start with high heel sandals on their feet and will take them off only when strart jumping on him. Theyt will do it for one reason - they don't want those damn troubles with a dead body in their flat.
Irina & Ksusha - Updated: 30 July 2007

Clips: Naked slave with a tight thick rope on his neck has got nothing to do with two glamorous young ladies trampling him right on the middle of a living room. They will have hell of a fun and do their best to make the big boy cry tonight hurting him with irong high heels and jumping on his stomach barefoot.
Nastya - Updated: 29 July 2007

Pics: A colleague suggested Natsya a ride after work and she did not refuse. The following was a weird but pleasant surprise for her. Her handsome colleague confessed being a footfetish addict, she didn't mind so they parked the car at a quiet place and got to the matter.
Polina - Updated: 28 July 2007

Pics: Polina loves her slave when she is in a good mood. He was so nice and fast bringing her a glass of wine that she let him kiss her cheek and then her hip and finally go down to his favourite feet. Completely happy, the guy takes her shoes off and starts licking her soles eagerly, gradually taking her stokings off.
Ice - Updated: 27 July 2007

Pics: With a lash in her hand, with white curly hair and straight glance Ice looks very threatening. Knowing that pretty well she makes her slave crawl under the strikes of her lash. Then she sits on a high bar chair and the slave understands what should be done right away. But before he gets to her brilliant feet he's gotta take care of her shoes as well.

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